“Natto”, the traditional Japanese food2013.03.20

“Natto” is fermented soybeans. It is one of the most unique traditional Japanese foods.

It has very unique smell, strong flavor and slimy texture but also it is known as a rich source of protein.You may not be able to find it at your local Japanese restaurant but you should be able to find in a freezer section at Asian grocery store. If you buy as frozen pack, you must defrost it before consume. Once you have smelt or if you are brave enough to eat them, you will never forget the smell and flavor. Don’t worry, it’s not rotten. You can eat with rice as a traditional way, but you can also mix with pasta ? best with spaghetti. It is best to put your mouth close to it when you eat as it is almost impossible to get rid of the stickiness!

NattoPhoto by kimishowota

"Natto", the traditional Japanese food

Natto may be an acquired taste, but it makes you strong and healthy!


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