“Higanbana”,the Japanese beautiful flower (Spider lily)2013.03.09

“Higanbana” means “Spider lily” in Japanese.

In Japan, it blooms in every September. Though it has very beautiful red petal, it has strong poison. Therefore ancient Japanese people planted it to the surroundings of rice field in order to avoid harmful animals. An old Japanese tradition says that the color of Spider lily looks like blazing flame, if someone pluck it and take it home, his house would suffer from a fire.Japanese floriography of this flower is “Passion”,”independent”,”sad memories”and “I can see only you”. I’m wonder why this beautiful flower has these strange tradition and meanings…

"Higanbana",the Japanese beautiful flower (Spider lily)

Anyway, this flower is so popular and beloved by Japanese people. If you come to Japan on September, you can see the beautiful figure of “Higanbana”. But, please don’t pluck and bring them to home!!



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