“Kiyomasa Kato”, the famous samurai commander2013.03.07

Kiyomasa Kato 加藤清正 was a famous samurai commander.

His birthday is June 24th, 1562 and his father was a swordsmith of Japanese sword.He had been served for Hideyoshi Toyotomi (one of the most famous Samurai general in Japan) from 9 years old. When he grown up, he started to participating in many wars. Soon he?rose to stardom and?achieved great result in big war called “Battle of Shizugatake”.When he got old and became a middle-age, he had been engaged in reclamation of rice fields and trade with the southern countries for public.

"Kiyomasa Kato", the famous samurai commander

He died at the age of fifty, on account of bad sickness.?By a curious coincidence, he died on June 24th, the same day of his birthday.?A Buddhist memorial service have been held on his anniversary of a death every year.


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