Seven steps to learn how to take Japanese Public Bathhouse2013.03.05

1. Please enter the locker room, and take off all of your clothes and in to cart.Japanese people enjoy hot springs naked. Although there are some cases to possible, swimwear is prohibited basically.

※Don’t forget to put your valuables in a locker, and don’t forget to bring a small towel for washing your body.

2. Then, wash your body before entering the bath tub in order to remove the dirts of your body.

3. Lets soaking in the bathtub! When you soak in the bath tub, you mustn’t soak a towel into hot water.

※Be careful at this time, because it may be very hot water. Please soak your body gradually and slowly.

4. After soaking your body in the hot water for a while, let’s wash your body and hair outside the bathtub.

6. After washed the body, take in the hot water again until your heart’s became satisfied.

7. After coming out from the bath, let’s drink milk in a gulp. This is Japanese style!

7 steps to learn how to take a %22Sento%22, the Japanese public bathhouse

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