【How to use chopsticks】2013.02.19

Can you use chopsticks well?

It seems difficult for people from other countries.

Therefore, I explain how to use chopsticks, which traditional culture in Japan.

Let’s practice together!

If you don’t have any chopsticks at home, you can substitute pencils for practice.

1.First, let’s hold one chopstick with three fingers, such as forefinger, middle finger, and thumb as if you hold a pencil.

2.You can let chopsticks go up and down if you bend three fingers as if you grasp a ping-pong ball.

3.Please hold another chopstick between the root of a thumb and the forefinger.

4.Please fix this chopstick at just in front of the nail of third finger.

If this lower chopsticks moves, power to hold something becomes weak. Please care about that!

Can you done it well?

Then, let’s hold something with chopsticks.
Please prepare two dishes. One dish is filled with small foods, such as beans or nuts, and another dish is empty.
Let’s carry beans and nuts into another dish with chopsticks!

Please arrange the end of two chopsticks. If the length of chopsticks are different, it becomes easy to drop it.

Let’s master using chopsticks and enjoy Japanese foods with chopsticks!

【How to use chopsticks】



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