【How to see Japanese Geisha girl】2013.02.16

When you think about Japan, most people call 芸者Geisha girl to mind.

But are they really exist in Japan of our own time?

The answer is, yes.

This time, I will tell you about “How to see Geisha in Kyoto.”

At first, What is Geisha girl’s job?
It’s conversation, singing and dancing. They are very well trained to entertain men.

At Kyoto, 舞妓Maiko is more populer than Geisha.
Maiko is apprentice of Geisha. They are younger than Geisha of course, and they dressed more gorgeous than Geisha.

Most Geisha dressed in sober color, but Maiko uses aureate dresses with red, pink, green, yellow, gold and silver, or other vivid colors. Their hair is adorned with a lot of accessories.

Their workplace is お茶屋Ochaya.
If you go to the Ochaya, you can enjoy Maiko and Geiko’s beautiful song and dance.
But it is very expensive.

So, the best way to see Geisha and Maiko is to walk Gion Shijo around dinner time.
Gion Shijo is Kyoto’s white way. Some people call Maiko and Geisha to their dinner, so around the dinner time, you can see Geisha in a hurry to the dinner.

They walks very fast, don’t miss them!

【How to see Japanese Geisha girl】

Photo by 京都デザイン

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