【The three famous sightseeing spots of Tokyo】2013.02.15

“Tsukiji market 築地市場”

Tsukiji market is a auction market largest in Japan. Many fresh vegetables and marine products are there.
You can access there from “Tsukiji-Shijo Station” of Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
Because most of the shops closes at noon, you had better visit there in early time.

“Tokyo Sky Tree 東京スカイツリー”

Approximately 20 minutes by subway from Tsukiji market, and get off at Oshiage Station, you can see very big tower.
This tower is called “Tokyo Sky Tree”. Tokyo Sky Tree is the most highest tower in Japan, which altitude is 634m. It was built in February 2012.
There are an observatory, so you can see beautiful scenery from there.

“Senso-ji Temple 浅草寺”

If you go through “Asakusa Street” to west from the Tokyo Sky Tree, you can see the temple called “Senso-ji Temple”
Senso-ji Temple is oldest temple in Tokyo.
After passing the famous gate called “Kaminari-mon Gate”, there are many souvenir shops within the both sides of the approach . The principal object is a Buddha statue called “Asakusa Kannon”.

Please visit these place if you come to Japan!

【The three famous sightseeing spots of Tokyo】

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