【The three biggest festivals of Kyoto】2013.02.14

Kyoto is ex-capital of Japan, so there are so many festival around Kyoto.
But what is the most famous festival?
Here, we introduce “3 biggest festival of Kyoto.”

1. 5/15 葵祭 Aoi Matsuri

Matsuri means festival, Aoi means hollyhock.
This festival is established on 6th century.
It was called “The Festival” by ancient people.
500 people in ancient costume(it’s very Japanese) walk through Kyoto street.

2. 7/1?7/31 祇園祭 Gion Matsuri

祇園Gion is a name of beautiful spot of Kyoto.
Gion Matsuri is very big festival. It continues an entire month.
This festival established on 12th century.
Main day of this festa is 7/17, and the eve of festival is very popular(7/14?7/16). On these days, there are so many street stall on the street. You can enjoy very Japanese festival mood in the eve.

3. 10/22 時代祭 Jidai Matsuri

時代Jidai means the period.
This festival has not long history, it established on 19th century.
In this festival, 2000 people are fressed as historical personage and walk through Kyoto street.
You can see many Japanese historical personage such as the most famous Samurai, the most beautiful princess in Japanese history.

These festivals are the 3 biggest festival of Kyoto.
If you want to know about Kyoto, be sure to see these festivals.

【The three biggest festivals of Kyoto】

Photo by 京都デザイン

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