“Kojiro Sasaki”, the tragic legendary samurai2013.02.12

Kojiro Sasaki is a legendary samurai who devised original sword fight style called “Ganryu” in young age.

He manipulated a long sword called “the clothespole” with length more than 1 meter.It is said that he has very handsome face.The finishing move of the Kojiro was counter sword slash called “the swallow flip” which mastered by cutting off swallows which flew in the sky.He fought a sword duel with Musashi Miyamoto in Ganryujima island in order to definite which style is the best in Japan, but beaten by Musashi’s wooden sword attack and died with 18-year-old youth.

Which samurai do you like, Kojiro or Musashi?

"Kojiro Sasaki", the tragic legendary samurai

Photo by Kens銅像探索日誌


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