“Musashi Miyamoto”, the most strongest samurai in Japanese history2013.02.10

Miyamoto Musashi is a samurai who was strongest in the history of Japan.
He didn’t prefers to belonging to the army and fight for generals, but prefers to exert his skills for himself.Musashi started a sword duel at the age of 13 until 29, and astonishingly, he had been unbeaten more than 60 battles.These two battles are famous: Musashi beats legendary samurai “Kojiro Sasaki” on a deserted island called “Ganryujima”, and destroyed famous samurai clan in Kyoto “Yoshioka Family” only by himself.

He devised a new sword fight style called “Niten-ichi-ryu” which use two swords that hold large sword on right hand, hold small sword on left hand.
It is said that Musashi produced a distinctive interval of two swords-wielding in order to aim his enemy into his reach, then attack in the face surely.

In addition, he also manipulated a large wooden sword.

After the retirement from the front lines of sword duel, he spent rest of his life quietly.
For example, raw ink painting and written a book muffled in a cave.

"Musashi Miyamoto", the most strongest samurai in Japanese history
Photo by Kens銅像探索日誌

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