Let’s write Kanji! 【武】2013.01.20

This time, i’ll introduce you how to write “武”.

“武”, which means “military arts”, pronounces “bu” or “mu” in Japanese.

This Kanji used into many Japanese words which relevant to “military”, “war”, and so on.
For example, “武士” means “samurai”, “武力” means “force”, “武装” means “militarize”, and “武器” means “weapon”.

Let’s start writing “武” according to Japanese writing sequence.

Please write a short horizontal line first.
Then, write a horizontal line which twice of the horizontal line you wrote first.

Write a short vertical line, little apart from about a one-third place from the left of the first horizontal line.
Then, write a tiny horizontal line from the central part of vertical line, write a small vertical line to the left, and write a long line below afterwards.
This part may formed “止” if you wrote well.

Pull the right-curved line,crossed with long horizontal line and write a dot on the upper right!

All is completed with this step.

Could you write it well? Was it slightly difficult ?
In fact, in Japan, we learn this kanji in fifth graders of primary school!

Please wait next “Kanji lesson”!

Let's write Kanji! 【武】

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