“Nabegataki Falls”, the Japanese beautiful waterfall2013.01.19

“Nabegataki Falls” is a small waterfall located in Kumamoto prefecture.

The size of the waterfall is not so large (10 meters in height, 10 meters in width), but it is so beautiful that used as a location for TV CM.?You can go behind of the waterfall and view the flowing water. It lights up every year in May, and it gets frozed in every winter, so this waterfall has a variety of view. It is true that magnificent waterfalls are brilliant such as Niagara falls, but also small Japanese waterfalls has original artistic beauty. There are many beautiful waterfalls in Japan, so We’ll introduce more on this page! Don’t miss it!

"Nabegataki Falls", the Japanese beautiful waterfall
Photo by あじこじ九州


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