“Itsukushima shrine”, the Japanese shrine above the sea2013.01.18

“Itsukushima shrine” is a shrine, which placed on the sea nearby Hiroshima prefecture, and 1996, it was registered as a cultural site of world heritage.
Itsukushima shrine
Photo by いい色輝き
“Itsuku” means “Serve the God” , “Shima” means “island” in Japanese, so the whole island had been worshipped.
This shrine was built by “Saeki no Kuramoto”, who was the member of powerful clan, about 1500 years ago, and had been regarded as a so holy place that there was a strict rule to forbid somebody to enter until about 500 years ago.
It was built on the sea, so it is inevitable to suffering from typhoon or high tide.
There are unique construction, for example, timbers of the floor has interval in order to avoid damage.
However, large-scale restoration were performed each time, and it may be said that it was built assuming restoring it.In addition, this shrine enshrines three Godess, those who believed as the daughters of Japanese strong God “Susanoo”, therefore it was painted red, the symbol color of Godess.Why don’t you come to Japan and visit this shrine?
Itsukushima Shrine

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