“Biei”, the beautiful town of Hokkaido prefecture2013.01.17

Look at this beautiful photo!

This photo is a landscape and a pond of Japanese town called “Biei”.
“Biei” situated in the central area of Hokkaido prefecture, northernmost of the four main islands of Japan.

Beautiful gently-sloping hills and flowers are famous, so many tourists visits there every year.
There are different crops are grown for each separated part of hills, so it seems like the patchwork.

This beautiful scenary also used TV CM in Japan several years ago.
Recently, pictures of clear blue pond in Biei was adopted for the image photo of Apple PC “Macbook Pro”!
Let’s try to search “Macbook pro & Biei” !
Photo of the mysterious pond seems perfect image for the stylish Mac!

It is so comfortable to pass the summer in Biei, so why don’t you come to Biei and visit patchwork hills on this summer?

bieiPhoto by ezorisu
"Biei", the beautiful town of Hokkaido prefecture


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