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“Himeji Castle”, the beautiful castle called “Egret in the sky”2013.01.15

“Himeji Castle” is a Japanese castle located in Hyogo Prefecture, which built by samurai “Sadanori Akamatsu” in 1346.
Though this castle was suffered from various samurai battle after then, fortunately it still exists as a real figure of samurai era.
In 1993, this castle was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site.There are total 997 windows called “Sama” on the outer walls in order to shooting enemies, so this castle had a function as a fortress.In nowadays, “Sama” puts into the design of public facilities in Himeji city.Moreover, it is often used as a set of Japanese historical samurai drama.This castle is under restoration now, but you can observe the repair work from attic facility called “Egret in the Sky” during the restoration period.
"Himeji Castle", the beautiful castle called "Egret in the sky"
"Himeji Castle", the beautiful castle called "Egret in the sky"

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