“Yakushima”, the island called “Galapagos islands of Japan”2013.01.14

“Yakushima” is a island in Japan, Kagoshima prefecture.
Almost all of the surface of island are covered with mountains, which 1000meters ~ 1900meters height.
Many original animals inhabits in there, for example, deer called “Yakujika” or monkey called “Yakuzaru” .
Their own ecosystems cannot be seen on other island, therefore “Yakushima” seems like the Galapagos Islands of Japan.

In addition, “Jomon Sugi ” grows in Yakushima, which is a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site.Jomon Sugi is a ceder tree, and oldest tree among the nature of Yakushima.It is said to be about 4000 years old ~ about 7000 years old.”Jomon” means an era, when the ancient Japanese had been used potteries and stone tools, and lived a life of hunting.

"Yakushima", the island called "Galapagos islands of Japan"

"Yakushima", the island called "Galapagos islands of Japan"


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