Let’s write “Kanji”!【日本】2013.01.11

This time, i’ll introduce you how to write “日本”.
Are you ready?”日本”, which means “Japan”, pronounces “Nihon” or “Nippon” in Japanese.”日” means “sun” , and “本” means “origin”.Therefore, “Japan” means “the place where the sun rises”

In detail, it means that Japan is a country located in the east, the same direction from where the sun rises!

In Japan, there is a rule that lines of kanji has sequences to write.

Let ‘s write “日”, first.
First, please write a line vertically.
Then, from the starting point of the first line, write a line a little bit to right, and down straight. Length of the two vertical lines are the same.
After that, all you have to do is write only two horizontal lines at the middle and bottom of two parallel vertical lines!

Then, let’s write “本”.
First, please write one short horizontal line.
Then, please draw a straight line from the center of the first horizontal line.
From the place where the two lines are intersect, please draw a line diagonally from side to side, slightly rounded.
Finally, write a short horizontal line on the vertical line in the middle!

Did you write “日本” well?

Let's write "Kanji"!【日本】

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