“Chusonji Konjiki-do”, the Japanese mysterious temple2013.01.10

“Chusonji Konjiki-do” was built in 1124, and it designated as a World Heritage Site in 2011.

“Konjikido” means “Golden hall”.Many gold leaves were attached to both internal and external of the temple, so all of the doors, floors, walls and eaves were covered by about 15 kilograms of gold leaf.Furthermore, the three mummies and one skull of samurai were enshrined in this temple.

Three mummies were “Kiyohira Fujiwara”, “Motohira Fujiwara”, and “Hidehira Fujiwara”, and the skull was “Yasuhira Fujiwara” , before they died.They are “Oushu-Fujiwara Family” , one of the samurai clan. They dominated the northeast of Japan. called the “Hidehira”, in this temple of the “equilibrium Yasushi Fujiwara” neck I have been paid!?Many surveys were conducted, but the reason weren’t revealed why they became a mummy or skull.Surprisingly, a survey in 1950, more than 100 lotus seeds have been found from the coffin of Hidehira.?As a result of numerous experiments, this ancient lotus was germinated !?It bloomed in 2000!

When you come to Japan, please visit this mysterious temple!
Chusonji konjiki-do


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