“Jizo”, the Japanese small buddhism statue2013.01.09

“ Jizo” is a small buddhism statue, which worshipped as the “guardian of children” in general, so many candies for kids are offered in front of them.
“Jizo” ‘s origin dates back to Edo period. In Edo period, the belief of “guardian deity”, which means the “guardian of travelers” turned to “guardian of children”.
“Jizo” means “As the earth, which store the power of nature life, help those who suffering from trouble”.
Jizo is often located on the place where car accident or some bad accident was occurred, it is because it holds memorial service for a dead person, and it prays for path security. In addition, Jizo is also enshrined with the hope for raising children. It is said that there is a word in a sense of “parenting” in Sanskrit, and its pronounciation resembles “Jizo”, that’s why “jizo” is in the form of a child.
"Jizo", the Japanese small buddhism statue
"Jizo", the Japanese small buddhism statue
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