“Kagamimochi”, the traditional Japanese New Year’s food2013.01.03

Japanese New year style “Kagamimochi”In Japan, everybody eats rice cake on New Year’s Day.
Its origin dates back to the Heian period which 1250 years before.In the Heian period, New Year’s ceremony which ate rice cakes called “teeth hardening” was performed in order to wish for good health and longevity in the imperial court.Rice cakes are considered as sacred foods and dedicated to God.
Further, people wishes their long life as rice cakes which can extend longer and longer.Rice cakes eaten on New Year are called “Kagami-Mochi”, which made to resemble the mirror, one of Japanese “three sacred treasures”.Do you eat something special on New Year’s Day?

"Kagamimochi", the traditional Japanese New Year's food

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