“Toshikoshi-soba”, the Japanese noodles eaten on New Year’s Eve2012.12.31

What do you eat on New Year’s Eve in your country?
Japanese eat buckwheat noodles(soba) on every New Year’s Eve. This custom is called “Toshikoshi-soba”Soba noodles are thinner, longer, and cut easier than other kinds of noodles. Therefore, Japanese people eats soba with a wish “cut off bad accidents and disasters to make New Year brilliant.” and “want to make our lives longer and healthier, like thin and long soba”Ways of eating and topping are not have any rules in particular, but it is thought that if eat soba after the year changed, it makes bad fortune.Why don’t you have a “Toshikoshi-soba” on this New Year’s Eve?
"Toshikoshi-soba", the Japanese noodles eaten on New Year's Eve

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