“Kendo”, the original sports of Japan2012.12.28

Kendo is a sports which applied the Japanese traditional sword fighting style.

Kendo players wears a kimono for men which called “Dougi” and “Hakama” and attaches a protective gear called “Kote” to a hand, “Dou” to a stomach, and “Men” to a head.?They fights with a imitation sword called “Shinai” made with bamboo.The practice is called “Keiko”, which means “learn from ancient people”, and the practice studio is called “Dojo”.As you know, mainstream war style of ancient Japan was that a samurai slashed their enemy with a sword.The sword became useless in war with the passage of times, but later it spreads out in the all over Japan as a sports for training of the police officer.In nowadays, Kendo is one of the most popular sports in Japan, and got close to the people most of the world.Possibly there may be a Dojo in your town.

"Kendo", the original sports of Japan

"Kendo", the original sports of Japan


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