【Four Japanese greeting and apologizing styles】2012.12.20


“Esyaku” is light greetings when Japanese people passed an acquaintance. Incline the upper body around 15 degrees.


“Keirei” is carried out at the time of greetings and thanks for a superior person. Incline the upper body 30-45 degrees, and back up slowly.
In the police or the Self-Defense Forces, it may put the hand,which inclined diagonally on the head.


“Saikeirei” is bending over more than 90 degrees to the base the waist from erect posture. It is not seen by the daily life very much, but it used in the ritual scenes such as in front of God or a Buddhist, and express the will of thanks and apology really heartily.


“Dogeza” shows the will “very sorry”.
Sit straight, touch a hand in the ground, and bow deeply.
It’ll be used when Japanese have made a terrible mistake in their company.

【Four Japanese greeting and apologizing styles】


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